Dura-Bar continuous cast iron bar is engineered to excel during machining and to consistently outperform alternative materials.

Dura-Bar lowers the total cost of machined component parts. They are manufactured in ductile or grey iron, in a variety of shapes: round, square, rectangular, half-round, oval and others that, made upon request, may be very close to the final part geometry.

As raw material for transformation, the bars are supplied to several industrial segments. To learn more about Dura-Bar. Check out the Dura-Bar web site.

Dura-Bar Rounds

Dura-Bar Dura-BarXL

Dura-Bar Squares

Dura-Bar G2 Rectangles

Dura-Bar 65-45-12 Rectangles

Dura-Bar 65-45-12 4 Sided Milled

Dura-Bar Ni-Resist Rounds


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Dura-Bar Engineered to Excel

Dura-Bar continuous cast iron bar stock provides solutions, improves performance and results in significant long-term cost savings. Our material is the preferred choice over steel, castings and aluminum for many applications in a wide variety of industries.