Brass – 464 Naval Brass

Terra Nova Steel & Iron are proud to announce that,  as an industry leader in the distribution of Dura-Bar® Continuous Cast Iron and Bronzes we are adding Brass Bar (C464 Naval Brass) as a New Stocking Item to better service our customers. We also stock 360 Yellow Brass

Our JIT Supply Program allows us to service our customers requirements On-Time Every Time

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Brass 464 - naval Brass

Brass C46400 or Brass 464 Naval Brass. Excellent corrosion resistance used frequently in marine applications. Good wear resistance.

Naval Brass refers to a copper alloy of around 59% Copper 40% Zinc and 1% Tin with a trace amount of Lead.  This alloy falls into the subfamily for Brasses known as Alpha Beta or Duplex Brasses.  These Alpha Beta Brasses are generally harder and stronger than other non-Alpha Beta Brasses.

As its name implies, Naval Brass was originally developed for sea water service applications.  Tin in included in the alloy composition in order to improve the corrosion resistance of Naval Brass.  The presence of lead in Naval Brass assists in the machinability of the metal.  C464 Naval Brass Rod has a fair machinability with about 35% of Free Machining Brass.