Bandsaw Cutting - Machining
Bandsaw Cutting

Our 12 band saws provide a variety of processing capabilities, ranging from a single cut to large quantity production runs.

Utilizing our Just-In-Time supply program we can supply on-time every time. Our plate saw allows us to supply custom saw cut cast iron and bronze plate to meet everyone’s needs.

Our on-site production capacity of 28” allows us to process all our customers needs, eliminating all scrap caused by off-cuts/drops, and allows us to supply consistent lengths to avoid production problems from improper lengths.

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Terra Nova Steel has in-house milling capablilities to complement our full line cutting program. We offer six-sided milling, thus eliminating rough machining in order to open more critical machining time to our customers.

Blocks arrive square and parallel,
ready for final machining and porting.

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